About Us

Proty boty is an integrated contemporary dance group that connects physically or otherwise disabled dancers, with dancers without disabilities.

Our focus


Our specialization is dance and movement theatre. Principally, we use the contemporary dance technique, and moreover we exploit the possibilities of dance therapy. Since our primary goal is to create a performance, we learn to perceive and understand our bodies as a means of communicating, expressing ourselves on stage and presenting ideas and feelings. During the creation process, we take into account the specific characters of every dancer and we work with their individual personality. 

Our idea

Above all, we are trying to promote the idea that moving and dancing is for everyone. For us, integrated dance is not only a social project, but a full-fledged artistic form, with specific requirements for the audience as far as aesthetic perception is concerned. It is also about changing the way our society perceives this type of dance, which entails respecting differences and breaking imaginary barriers.

When and where? 

Every Tuesday at the Theatre Barka (Sv. Čecha 35a, Brno):
16.00 – 17.00 Individual Training
17.00 – 18.00 Integrated Contemporary Dance (open class)
18.00 – 19.00 Preparation for a Performance



Zajímá Vás víc?


Historie projektu

V této části můžete popsat historii Vašeho projektu a co Vás vedlo k nápadu jej realizovat. Je vhodné se také zmínit o důležitých milnících a poděkovat lidem, kteří se na projektu účastnili.

Naši uživatelé

Zde je vhodné popsat, kdo jsou Vaši cíloví uživatelé a proč je právě tento projekt pro ně důležitý. Důležité je Vaše návštěvníky také motivovat, aby se na tyto stránky pravidelně vraceli.

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